Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Nottinghamshire Racing - on the up

Since its launch just over a year ago, Nottinghamshire Racing has grown and grown, both in terms of the horses under their umbrella, but more importantly, owners. The founder, local football coach Stewart Rowley, has a history of being involved in syndicates, but after taking a break from ownership, returned with a share in a horse with Shaun Harris, who trains in  Clumber Park at Carburton. The idea for a racing club was launched with Stewart and Shaun’s wife Debbie, the founders of Nottinghamshire Racing. To begin with, they only had a horse on lease, Tenancy, and only Stewart and one of his friends with shares in him.

The first big day for the syndicate was on the 21st December 2012, when El Bravo, a horse who had been bought very cheaply, an extremely nervous and tricky horse to train, made all the running at Wolverhampton in the hands of Shirley Teasdale. El Bravo, nicknamed “Brad” by the owners due to his good looks, has been the most successful of the string with another two wins lately at Wolverhampton and Doncaster and looks to be on a real upward curve. He is a very dextrous horse aswell, having his own Twitter account where he tweets regularly with updates, so give him a follow @_El_Bravo_

Recently, they have combined with Southwell Racecourse to start the Southwell Racecourse Owners Group with Hellbender, a horse who is very consistent on the all weather surface. There will surely be lots of fun for his owners here at Southwell or wherever he runs.

The group also own a three year old filly called Red Star Lady, and a two year old filly Notts So Blue, both of whom are yet to win. They have also bought a jumper, Razzle Dazzle Em who is going to make his debut later in the summer, so there is something for everybody.

Last night at Southwell, Nottinghamshire Racing together with associates sponsored the whole meeting and had a marquee for people to come and learn more about the syndicate. There are just over 300 people in there last night, consisting of current owners, their friends and family and prospective owners looking for information. Stewart was delighted with the evening, and I asked him about what the future holds for the syndicate. “We want to start a breeding programme” he said. “We have done nearly everything else, and we already have a broodmare who is ready to use”.

If you want to get involved in the syndicate, either visit or tweet them @nottsracing.

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