Monday, 22 April 2013

Southwell Racecourse launches a 'Home and Away' initiative for Annual Members

Southwell Racecourse launches a ‘Home and Away' initiative with FREE Racing available to Annual Members.

Get yourself signed up now to an Annual Membership at Southwell Racecourse to gain a whole host of benefits!

Southwell Racecourse is part of the Arena Racing Company (ARC) and as the largest racecourse operator in the UK, with 15 racecourses spread across the UK, hosting nearly 40% of the fixture list, keen racegoers will never be far away from an opportunity to go racing for free.

An Annual Members benefits package has been created that is rivalled by none other in the racing industry. All Annual Members of Southwell Racecourse will now get free entry to any other ARC racecourse fixture. So don't miss out on the chance to travel the length and breadth of the country and always have a free entrance to a racemeeting at your finger tips.

If you live locally to Southwell Racecourse and take out an annual membership for £275, this will become your ‘home' racecourse and you will get full members benefits, the ‘Away' racecourse is any other you visit in the group and you will be given free access to any enclosure.

But the rewards don't stop there, as plenty of offers & discounts are being given across all the racecourses and 4 complimentary admission tickets valid at any racecourse.

David Roberts, Managing Director at Southwell Racecourse said:

“This new initiative will reward the loyalty of our members and give them an opportunity to try out some of the other racecourses in the group for free. With such a great spread of locations across the country we hope our members will enjoy visiting additional courses. If anyone had been considering taking out an annual membership to our course - this really is the time to do it!"

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