Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Floods Force Southwell to close for December

Southwell Racecourse has been forced to close as a racing venue for the month of December, one of its busiest months during the All-Weather Season. 

Floodwater hit similar levels to five years ago when Southwell closed due to severe floods. On this occasion water rose as high as seven to nine inches inside some of the buildings and the surfaces around the racecourse buildings and part of the track remain underwater. 

Roderick Duncan, Clerk of the Course at Southwell said, "We had just short of 50 mm of rain on Saturday and going into Sunday and we've had a further 10 or more mm since. This added to the high water levels alongside the River Trent which was almost at the top of its banks, has caused widespread flooding in the area. Unfortunately we had to abandon Monday and Tuesday's fixtures but transferred Wednesday to Wolverhampton. We have on-going talks with the Environment Agency and Trent Valley Drainage Board to improve this situation in the future." 

Following discussion between ARC and the BHA all the remaining fixtures have been transferred within the group to Wolverhampton and Lingfield Park. Southwell's jumps fixture on 4th December will be offered to other courses via the BHA and if there are no takers, it will be run as an AW fixture at Lingfield. 
Wolverhampton will run a double header on Saturday 15th December with both an afternoon and evening card to accommodate the Southwell transfer. 

The drying out and repair process is already in progress with the hope that water levels subside and racing can resume in January. 

Relocated Fixtures:-
  • 4th Southwell NH - The BHA intend to offer out this slot to Jump tracks.
  • 11th Move Southwell AWT to Wolverhampton.
  • 14th Move Southwell AWT to Lingfield AWT. (Wolverhampton Races Twilight Evening).
  • 15th Move Southwell AWT to Wolverhampton AWT (Wolverhampton Races Evening) - 2, 6 race cards. (Lingfield Race NH).
  • 18th Move Southwell AWT to Lingfield AWT.
  • 20th Move Southwell AWT to Lingfield AWT.
  • 21st Move Southwell AWT to Lingfield AWT.
  • 27th Move Southwell AWT to Lingfield AWT.
  • 29th Move Southwell AWT to Wolverhampton.
 Photo: AFP/Getty

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